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Personal Case Management for Paternity, Siblingship , Prenatal, Immigration, Ancestry and all DNA Tests. One Case Manager from Manhattan NY is assigned for all your needs.

We are aaBB CERTIFIED for All your DNA Testing in Manhattan New York

Labs used have the highest industry Standards and Accreditations...

Local, State, National and International

Our local offices are in New York, with affiliate private DNA collection sites through out the nation and worldwide. We will provide all the setup and coordination between all parties involved, no matter where the DNA samples need to be collected.

Reliability of all DNA tests

To ensure reliable and court acceptable results, Paternity, Immigration, Siblingship, Identification, Infidelity, Forensics and all tests done in Manhattan NY are performed by Labs accredited by established industry groups such as - American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), NY State Dept of Health, US Dept of Homeland Security.

How is DNA Collected in Manhattan New York?

A cotton tipped swab is swabbed against the inside of the mouth (cheek), using gentle pressure in order to collect enough cells (not saliva). Painless, safe and done in minutes! Your DNA collection and results are secured, so ONLY you control who handles and see's the results. For Infidelity and Forensics, a sample such as clothing, toothbrush, hair is collected for DNA testing.

New York Court Admissible, Chain of Custody Results

If the results of your Paternity DNA test in Manhattan NY will be required for some legal or governmental purpose. This includes legal court proceeding, social security benefit, change of name, correcting of birth certificate, military benefits, IRS, immigration, custody and/or child support issues.

Peace of Mind Results for Paternity DNA Testing

For your knowledge only. No chain of custody is followed as with the Court admissible test for Manhattan NY. However, we will provide the same quality test and results in the same manner.
This Certificate is Awarded to
Mary Catherine Sullivan

in recognition of successful completion of the
AABB Relationship Sample Collection Webinar & Post-Test

The recipient of this certificate has successfully demonstrated knowledge in the Relationship Testing Standards applicable to the collection of test samples as written and established by AABB.

Certificates Issued
September 2014, March 2016. Expiration 12/2017.
Adrienne Fierro, CQA(ASQ), Vice President
Membership, Meetings, Communications and Corporate Affairs
Anne Chenoweth, MBA, MT(ASCP)CM, CQA(ASQ)
Director, Accreditation and Quality

Paternity DNA Testing in our private Manhattan New York office, one of our many other offices, or mobile testing where we meet you! Determining relations, or possible relationships, between family members will lead to a family secured from unanswerd questions or acquisitions. Paternity finds the bond between Mother, Farther and Child.

The unmarried birth rate is at an all-time high in the United States, topping out at in confirmed statistics at 36.8% in 2006 and possibly as high as 40% in 2008. Social and governmental agencies alike are coping with establishing paternity for children.

Grand Paternity seeks to establish and secure the bind across generations. Paternity Testing NOT just for parents anymore!

According to AARP, nearly 6 million children are raised in households headed by grandparents or other relatives; 2.5 million of these children are without parents in the household at all, leaving their care and upbringing to their grandparents or other relatives. In light of the high out-of-wedlock birth rate, some grandparents must take an extra step and establish their biological relationship through DNA testing in order to gain legal guardianship or visitation rights to their grandchild.

Siblingships DNA testing can forever and truthfully bind brothers and sisters. Whether the family members are all located in Manhattan New York, or anywhere else in the world, our case manager assigned to your case will do all the required coordination of DNA Testing needed among all the members, no matter where they are located.

Forensics DNA collection and analysis gives the criminal justice field a powerful tool for convicting the guilty and exonerating the innocent. DNA profiling (also called DNA testing, DNA typing, or genetic fingerprinting) is a technique employed by forensic scientists to assist in the identification of individuals on the basis of their respective DNA profiles. DNA profiles are encrypted sets of numbers that reflect a person's DNA makeup, which can also be used as the person's identifier. DNA profiling should not be confused with full genome sequencing. It is used in, for example, parental testing and rape investigation.

Infidelity DNA testing for people who suspect their partner is being unfaithful. This DNA Test is done on an artifact such as clothing, to test for the presence of another person's genetic material. You can visit our office in Manhattan NY to submit this item(s) or mail it to us. Since ONLY one case manager will be hamdling your case, you can be assured of the upmost in privacy and security. A Chain of Custody test can be performed, for acceptance and use in a legal matter in New York.

Identification Genetic material that is found in DNA is a unique identifier, used for identifying a particular individual as the source of the human genetic material in a sample such as semen, blood, or hair.

Crime DNA analysis is a powerful tool because each person's DNA is unique (with the exception of identical twins). Therefore, DNA evidence collected from a crime scene can implicate or eliminate a suspect, similar to the use of fingerprints. It also can analyze unidentified remains through DNA comparisons from relatives.

AABB Accredited Immigration DNA testing for residents of Manhattan New York. This may be required for a child or father living in a different country, for immigration to the United States. The United States State Department often requires this verification before allowing a United States citizen to sponsor an immigrant. This may be required regardless of country of origin for the immigrant.

Our New York immigration test results are accepted by the United States Citizen and Immigration Service Department (USCIS)/US Homeland Security and US Embassies and immigration offices throughout the world due to our exclusive use of AABB accredited laboratories.
We provide you with one case manager in Manhattan NY, dedicated to your case, coordinating all testing for all parties wherever they are located in the world.

Genealogy and Ancestry DNA Testing, offered in Manhattan New York, can give the proof one needs to settle the issue of "where did I and my family come from". A sense of belonging and the understanding of one's culture and history is the result.

Discover your Ancestral Origins

Many individuals are interested in their ancestral origins.
Our latest ancestry product will accurately determine ones paternal & maternal backgrounds.
With our advanced accuracy testing services, we can now determine where you originated
from approximately 150,000 years or as far back as 7000 generations.

Your own DNA profile is unique & has been passed down by your parents.
By investigating and comparing your DNA swab our laboratory will your roots and they originated
from and what route they took before finally settling.

Genetics. The deciphering of the genetic code of the DNA molecule, has made possible the DNA Testing for Medical predisposition prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases. All that is needed is a simple swabbing inside of your mouth to collect check cells used for the DNA test, This, along with consultation, can be performed in our our Manhattan NY office.

Manhattan NY Local News

Metro | New York PostSat Aug 19 16:53:59 EDT 2017

Disturbing video shows man’s attack with broken glass
Disturbing footage released by police shows a man using broken glass to attack an acquaintance inside a Manhattan bodega. The duo met by chance inside the Hamilton Deli on Broadway near West 139th Street in Hamilton Heights around 11:40 a.m. on Aug. 6, cops said. Suddenly, the attacker pulled two glass beverage containers out of...

Couple can sympathize with woman injured in tree tragedy
A couple whose baby girl was killed by a falling tree limb in Central Park was stunned to learn of the Manhattan mom who broke her neck protecting her young kids from a massive, tumbling elm. “The thought that another mother may go through the same horrors we have gone through over the last seven...

Hospital that axed 120 workers spending millions on legal battles
A financially ailing Brooklyn hospital that laid off 120 workers this year despite being propped up with millions in state cash has spent more than $10 million in long legal battles with four ex-honchos. Wyckoff Heights Medical Center paid two law firms $10.7 million from 2012 through the end of 2015, tax records show. The...

Horrified wife witnessed husband’s senseless murder
A man who moved from Cypress Hills to Greenpoint because he thought it would be safer, was stabbed to death in his new neighborhood by a stranger — as his wife watched in horror. George Carroll, 42, and his wife Christina, had just checked out a new apartment and were walking home along Monitor Street...

Vagrants are going to war against an East Village pastor
Homeless vagrants are seeking unholy vengeance on a humble East Village pastor and his family who are trying to boot their fetid encampment from their church’s doorstep. “It’s gotten so bad that we might move away. I’m fearful for my childrens’ safety,” a worried Irina Belets said of the bums’ war against her and her...

These smart pups can sniff out terrorists hiding in plain sight
NYPD officers patrolling the US Open Tennis Championships later this month will deploy a secret weapon to help prevent a terrorist bombing like the one that killed 22 outside a UK concert earlier this year: Labrador retrievers that can sniff out suicide bombers. They look like friendly service dogs. But these canines are specially trained...

Blind woman couldn’t buy Museum of Sex souvenir online: suit
The Museum of Sex has turned off a 66-year-old blind Brooklyn woman. The kinky cultural’s website discriminates against visually-impaired people, a federal class-action lawsuit charges. Marion Kiler, the lead plaintiff, claims she’s made “numerous attempts” to buy products from the museum’s online store, which hawks everything from performance tickets to nipple clamps ($18) and penis...

Inside the career of a prolific New York graffiti artist
For the last 25 years, Robert Dyer has lived a double life. Every morning, he catches the 6 train at 7:40 a.m. to his city job at the Department of Health’s tuberculosis lab in Kip’s Bay where he preps specimens for testing. At night, he loads up his pockets with cans of spray paint and...

Are these NYC statues next on the chopping block?
When it comes to art, hate is in the eye of the beholder – and some historians worry that Mayor de Blasio’s plan to root it out of the city’s monuments could spiral out of control. “I’m distraught,” said Dr. Michele Bogart of Stony Brook University, an expert on public monuments. “We are destroying ourselves.”...

Cabbie killed after car plows into flatbed truck
A cabbie was killed early Saturday when he slammed his car into a flatbed truck in the Bronx, police said. The driver, 45, was on the Cross Bronx Expressway near Castle Hill Avenue in Unionport around 1:55 a.m. when he plowed the back of the truck, cops said. He was pronounced dead on scene. His...

Two coaches reassigned after teen’s death at football practice
Two football coaches at a suburban New York high school where a teenager suffered a fatal injury at a preseason practice will be reassigned pending the outcome of an investigation. The superintendent of the Sachem School District says the head football coach at Sachem East High School and another member of the coaching staff will...

Judge will release names of Pharma Bro jurors
The judge at the trial of “Pharma Bro’’ Martin Shkreli Friday ruled the press is entitled to learn the names of the jurors. Brooklyn federal judge Kiyo Matsumoto said there was “no evidence the security of any juror would be placed at risk.’’ Shkreli was convicted on three counts of securities fraud and acquitted on...

Warhol protégée sues neighbor for renovations that wrecked her home
“Baby Jane’’ is taking on Wall Street. Andy Warhol protégée “Baby Jane” Holzer is suing her neighbor, investment giant KKR President Joseph Bae, claiming that the renovation of his $20 million mansion nearly toppled her town house. In her lawsuit, Holzer, who bought 41 E. 65th St. for $16 million in 2006, says she warned...

Council candidate boasts about failed women’s politics group
A candidate for City Council in The Bronx has been touting her work as co-founder of a group that encourages women to enter politics — but a member of the outfit says it’s a failed project that never got off the ground. Marjorie Velazquez, who is backed by incumbent Councilman James Vacca and Speaker Melissa...

Wife’s $30K wedding ring stolen by husband’s late-night visitor
Another victim of passion had his pricey bling stolen when he invited a strange woman into his Manhattan apartment — but this time the bandit stole a wedding ring belonging to his actress wife. Jean Pierre Henderson, whose wife, Odette Warder, plays an NYPD detective on the crime drama “Shades of Blue,” realized $50,000 worth...

City spent $25M on teachers removed from permanent gigs
The city spent nearly $25 million last year paying teachers who were removed from permanent classroom gigs because of alleged misconduct or incompetence, new Education Department figures show. The teachers made up roughly a third of the 822 city educators assigned to the DOE’s “Absent Teacher Reserve,’’ according to the statistics, which offered the first...

Luxury condo sues alleged ‘Peeping Tom’ resident
A luxury Greenwich Village co-op comes with its own doorman, garden, bike room — and peeping Tom, according to a Manhattan lawsuit. Eddie Wong, a 38-year-old resident of The Hamilton at 60 E. Ninth St., was caught watching a 30-year-old neighbor through her bedroom window after she got out of the shower Aug. 16 at...

Convicted murderer wanted for stabbing man in Little Italy
Police are searching for a convicted murderer who they say knifed an associate on the street in Little Italy in May. Frank Caserta, 54, is wanted for an assaulting a 50-year-old man in front of the Mulberry Bar on Mulberry Street shortly after midnight on May 7, repeatedly stabbing him in the face and chest,...

11-year-old girl burned in prank says she’s ‘lucky to be alive’
The 11-year-old Bronx girl who suffered second-degree burns to her face and body during a cruel social media-inspired stunt said Friday that she is “lucky to be alive” after a nearly two-week stint in the hospital. “I’m happy to be home. I am thankful I’m alive. I thought I might not make it,” Jamoneisha Merritt...

Driver critically burned in car outside Bronx Zoo
An upstate man is in critical condition after his truck went up in flames in front of the Bronx Zoo, police sources said Friday. The 29-year-old victim, from Carmel, was in his 2005 Chevrolet alone at the zoo’s front entrance on Fordham Road when the truck went ablaze just after 8 p.m. Thursday. He suffered...

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